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Russia's aggression, which has been causing unspeakable losses and a humanitarian crisis already for three months, is causing a severe impact on children and their educational needs.
The lack of timely ad hoc solutions in circumstances when most Ukrainian schools are closed and millions of our children are scattered around the world may lead to long education process interruptions.

Why is it important that Ukrainian children have the opportunity to study systematically, especially during the war?
Studying helps to recreate the feeling of everyday life, stability, adjusts brain activity to the dynamics of getting a result. Communication with teachers, psychologists and peers, even online, restores a sense of belonging to society.
During the next school year 2022-2023, a significant number of children whose families have gone abroad and are entitled to temporary protection will start studying in local schools. Despite significant assistance in the integration of Ukrainian children into local education systems by the authorities of the host countries, the programs of their schools generally do not provide opportunities to study according to the Ukrainian system in parallel with the local one.


In order to fill the gaps and resume the educational process in a short time, on April 4 this year, together with Smart Osvita, we launched successfully the School Without Walls educational program to support Ukrainian children who have lost the opportunity to study. Those children are mostly from destroyed cities of Mariupol, Kharkiv, Irpen, Bucha, Gostomel, Chernihiv, Brovary and Popasna.
Thanks to the program, one hundred fifty-six children are studying free of charge in a full-fledged online format with teaching live until June 30. Training in small groups, where everyone is listened to by a teacher and a psychologist conducts regular classes, has been made possible by financial support from the Child Fund Deutschland and the Tabletochki Foundation. In the waiting lists for the program we have thousands of children who dream of restoring quality Ukrainian education online.

Our team has developed projects for the year ahead in different areas that parents can choose depending on their children's needs at the moment and in which country they stay.
The programs will work as an express learning for children in grades 1-10, covering subjects that are not present in schools in other countries, namely - Ukrainian language and literature, history of Ukraine. These particular subjects are fundamentally important to help students maintain knowledge at the appropriate level and to continue their studies upon their return to Ukraine. Programs meet licensing requirements and are accompanied by certification or certificate of attendance of the course at the Atlantic School.


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